Read before you apply! Grant Committee Lead application


We, as a community, are happy that you are considering becoming the Lead of our Community Treasury Program.

This position requires high dedication and the mindset of being a servant of the Ecosystem and the ability to enable the best in others. You will lead a team of highly skilled and dedicated grant reviewers. You will have the ability to shape the future of the Shimmer and IOTA Ecosystem with your work and dedication to this position. We expect the best from you, and the community will put a lot of trust in your ability to act responsibly with the budget that the committee receives.

Please use the template when you submit your post that is already prefilled, and tell us everything possible that you think the community needs to know about you.

You are responsible for enforcing this System in your and your team member’s daily work.

  • Understand the selection process and how you can be elected as a Program Lead.

Program lead Tasks and Conditions

  • Tasks:
    • Organize the workflow and task load of the committee and be in charge of operations
    • Review grants applications
    • Support the Grant reviewers with more profound research and due diligence on grant applications
    • Accounting and bookkeeping for the Grant Program
    • Organizing payouts of grants and compensation via the Multisig and available Tooling
    • Reporting / Information flow to the community via social media channels
    • Lead the grant committee meetings (internal and public)
    • Coordinate with the Swiss entity (Tangle ecosystem Association)
  • Conditions
    • Compensation: Salary of 11200 USD per month as full-time employment under Swiss Law and Regulations.
    • Employment contract with the Swiss GmbH legal entity for one year.
    • Does KYC sign NDA and Conflict of interest policy
    • The program lead is not allowed to have affiliations with other projects or have another full-time job. They are required to commit solely to the Shimmer Community Treasury.
    • You are required to have the needed communication tools to fulfill this position (own Computer, strong Internet connection, Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet to operate the Multisignature Wallet)

Please be proactive in responding to questions from the community about your application, your person, and the information you provide in this application.

Attempts to cheat or provide false information can result in excluding you from the selection process.