Read before you apply: Community Treasury 2024 Round 2 - Program Lead category


Since the last Community Governance vote did not reach the required quorum to elect neither a new Grant Committee Lead nor new Grant Committee members, we now kickstart a new election process to provide the Community Treasury with formally properly elected members to fill these positions in the Community Treasury Grant Committee. To ensure fair and equal elections, we urge all applicants not to use the current social media channels of the Tangle Treasury to promote individual candidates. Applicants shall use their private social media channels. All election- and campaign-related topics shall only be published and discussed in the following channels: governance forum, #governance-discussions, and #tangle-treasury of the official IOTA Discord server.

The Community is happy you are considering becoming the Lead of the Community Treasury Program.

This position requires high dedication, a mindset of being a servant of the Ecosystem, and the ability to enable the best in others. You will lead a team of highly skilled and dedicated grant reviewers. With your work and dedication to this position, you will be able to shape the future of the Shimmer and IOTA Ecosystem. We expect the best from you, and the community will put a lot of trust in your ability to act responsibly with the budget that the committee receives.

Please use the template. Please tell us everything possible that you think the community needs to know about you.

Please add a POLL to your application

You are responsible for enforcing this System in your and your team member’s daily work.

  • Understand the selection process and how you can be elected as a Program Lead.

Program lead Tasks and Responsibilities Program leads tasks and responsibilities specific to the operations of the Tangle DAO LLC

  • Ensure that Tangle DAO LLC always maintains an operational legal status.

  • Ensure any binding governance votes by the community do not task the Tangle DAO LLC to conduct illegal activities or could lead to lose its non-profit status. Any community governance proposal that would incite the LLC to lose its registration or non-profit status will be declined in the initial proposal process. The program lead will be responsible for getting a legal statement from the LLC legal representative and presenting it to the community in case of an dispute about the decline.

  • The lead will ensure that all payments invoiced or requests to the Tangle DAO LLC are paid out in a timely manner and accounted for publicly.

  • The program lead will ensure that the LLC’s legal documents in the GitHub Tangle DAO LLC Documentation are up-to-date. The lead will also liaise with the LLC legal representative if new legal documents are required.

  • The program lead will maintain the website and ensure the domain stays active while correcting any process errors promptly.

  • The program lead will ensure all committee members and/or consultant hours are tracked seperately between the two community treasuries (IOTA and Shimmer) and shown in the public accounting ledger.

  • The program lead act as the signing agent for the Tangle DAO LLC in case the community approves the LLC to bind a contract(s). Program leads tasks and responsibilities specific to the operations of the Tangle Community Treasury grant committees

  • The Lead will promote the program, identify directions for funding, and has a thought leadership role in guaranteeing the program’s success.

  • The Lead is directly involved in grant reviews and allocates suitable reviewers to work on proposals based on their qualifications and experience.

  • Further, an important part is the ongoing coordination with the second ecosystem funding program run by the Tangle Ecosystem Association and the initiatives of Shimmer Growth Committee to ensure effective alignment in the goals and directions of the community grants program.

  • The Lead will organize bi-weekly treasury working meetings for the committees elected by the IOTA and Shimmer communities. Each week, the program lead will schedule a treasury meeting. Each Treasury will share the hours incurred if committee members represent the IOTA and Shimmer community.

  • The Lead will promptly and transparently complete all financial and asset accountings while maintaining independent ledgers between the Shimmer and IOTA committees.

  • The Lead will complete quarterly transparent reports for each community on how the community funds were used.

  • The Lead will act as the first public contact for anyone that wants to approach the committee besides funding requests.

  • The Program Lead will be contracted by Marshal Island DAO LLC, which acts as the legal entity of the program and offers limited liability and the needed legal structure to ensure a safe operation.

  • To establish this contract, the Program Lead shall have a legal entity (company, LLC, GmbH, etc.) set up in its home jurisdiction to engage in agreements and manage the Tangle DAO LLC.

  • The Lead will be compensated for his time at USD 70 per hour.

  • The Tangle DAO LLC will compensate the program lead for a maximum of 40-hours-per-week as a sum of both community treasury committee activities, and both parties will sign a 12-month service provider contract. Compensation will be paid from the respective “Shimmer Committee USDT budget” and “IOTA Committee USDT budget” based on the submitted hours per committee.

Please be proactive in responding to questions from the community about your application, your person, and the information you provide in this application.

Attempts to cheat or provide false information can result in excluding you from the selection process.