Read before you apply: Community Treasury 2024 Round 2 - Grant Reviewer category


Since the last Community Governance vote did not reach the required quorum to elect neither a new Grant Committee Lead nor new Grant Committee members, we now kickstart a new election process to provide the Community Treasury with formally properly elected members to fill these positions in the Community Treasury Grant Committee. To ensure fair and equal elections, we urge all applicants not to use the current social media channels of the Tangle Treasury to promote individual candidates. Applicants shall use their private social media channels. All election- and campaign-related topics shall only be published and discussed in the following channels: governance forum, #governance-discussions, and #tangle-treasury of the official IOTA Discord server.

The Community is happy you are considering becoming a Grant Reviewer in our Community Treasury Program.

This position requires high dedication and a mindset of serving the Ecosystem and its Shimmer and IOTA Community. You will have a big responsibility to ensure that community funds are spent responsibly and with a high impact on the ecosystem. This position requires making challenging decisions and working in a team with other dedicated grant reviewers.
With your work and dedication to this position, you will be able to shape the future of the Shimmer and IOTA Ecosystem. We expect the best from you, and the community will put a lot of trust in your ability to act responsibly with the budget that the Committee receives.
Challenges will arise, and you need to be able to solve them. The community has put a lot of work into designing a framework and tools that enable you to fulfill this position effectively and focus on facilitating opportunities for the ecosystem.

Please use the template. Please tell us everything possible that you think the community needs to know about you.

Please add a POLL to your application!

You are responsible to follow this System in your and your daily work.

  • Understand the selection process and how you can be elected as a Grant Reviewer.

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