overclocked - Program Lead Application

1.) Preferred Display Name and Age (If you do not want to enter your age, enter that you are above 21 years of age, which is the minimum)

Name: overclocked

Age: I am above 21 years of age.

2.) Social Media Handles

Twitter: @overclocksalmon - https://twitter.com/overclocksalmon
Discourse: overclocked - Profile - overclocked - govern.IOTA
Reddit: u/overclocked5900x - https://reddit.com/user/overclocked5900x/
Discord: overclocked#9046

3.) What motivates you to apply for this position?

The most important task for the Shimmer Treasury and Grant Committee to accomplish the first year is to create a compelling core message to persuade the best projects to build in our ecosystem. To this end, I believe I have the right qualifications for the Lead Position as a successful entrepreneur with a professional background in media marketing and a clear, executable vision.

Right now, Asia in particular is wide open for us to lay the groundwork for future growth. Many of the countries here are densely populated in small geographical areas with a general public who are welcoming of new technologies in all age brackets. In contrast, I have an idea of what it takes to move the needle in the States having worked there on national marketing campaigns. Suffice to say, it takes a lot. It can easily become a sinkhole for resources and funds. In Asia, specifically the countries we should target (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, etc.), it not only takes less resources to make an impression, it’s much easier for something to catch on than the States where it’s difficult to break through even in a single state or city as they are their own distinct markets with many different cultures and races. Within certain Aisan countries, the group mind is much stronger, and therefore, quicker for something to spread as it invariably meets less friction.

We should really have a team or, at the very least, one full-time person advancing our agenda here. Someone who is passionate not only about the technology but also the community. I am a Korean-American living in South Korea, have traveled extensively around Asia, speak Korean, have done business here with good networking skills and willing to represent our interests during business hours. I can get a lot done as you can see from my work experience—I have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. And, of course, I will pursue our interests in other regions, attending meetings in the evenings and mornings since I am already doing it voluntarily. With the potential rewards being so much greater relative to the amount of resources it will take compared to other territories, we should take advantage of this opportunity instead of leaving it on the table to chance in the coming year.

My advice to put more focus on Asia, however, does not mean at the exclusion of pursuing our interests in other areas. Of course not, since many are important for the growth of our ecosystem. We must go wherever we see opportunities as the Shimmer Community Treasury needs to attract devs and projects from all over the world. The IF and our strong European community continue to lay foundations for growth in Europe while a few key IF members are diligently working on our presence in the States. Yes, we need to do outreach everywhere, but let’s also get moving on Asia in 2023. And this is not only about spreading Shimmer and IOTA in Asia to get projects to build with us here, but also about creating opportunities in Asia for our projects in Europe, the Americas and other territories.

It’s time to open new doors and get aggressive about becoming a leader in this space. It cannot be overestimated how much easier it will be if we can have some examples of success to point to so others can see that Shimmer and IOTA was the foundational tech that enabled it. This can mean we are not only investing in real adoption but also the best form of marketing. I would love to help in making Shimmer and IOTA two of the main networks adopted globally by making sure the Shimmer Treasury attracts the best devs and projects through the efforts of the Grant Committee.

4.) What is your educational and professional background?

Educational Background

  • University of MIchigan, Ann Arbor, MI
    Bachelor of Arts, English Literature Concentration.
    Dean’s Honor List.

  • New York University / Film Intensive Program, New York, NY
    Graduated with Honors. Directed a 16mm sync-sound narrative film that is a showcase piece for incoming students.

Web3/Crypto Background

  • Crypto investor since 2017.
  • Have researched and participated in defi and gamefi last 2 years.
  • Voluntarily translated English into Korean as well as revised blogposts in English for projects in our ecosystem without compensation.
  • Attended first Iota Dao Pioneer Sessions.
  • Moderator of Iota Discord server.
  • Moderator of Iota Governance Forum on Discourse.
  • Active participant in help setting up Iota governance and treasury models.
  • Co-founder of web3 project selected for Touchpoint Program.

Professional Background

  • Director and Writer of a Feature Film, South Korea.
    Theatrically released and downloadable on all major Korean platforms.

  • Interactive Media Firm, NYC, 3 Years.
    Program Director, Flash Designer, Writer, Editor.
    Clients included Citic Group Advertising, Swatch, Synapse Films, MSNBC, Def Jam and Nike.

  • Production and Post-Production Facility, NYC, 3 Years.
    Senior Designer, Editor.
    Clients included IBM, Schering-Plough (Merck & Co.), Hasbro, Revlon, JEEP, US Army and PBS.

  • Editing House, NYC, 2 Years.
    Graphic Designer, Assistant Editor.
    Clients included PBS, Bravo and IFC.

  • Wrote, Produced, Directed, DPed and Edited several award winning short films that have gone to festivals.

  • Co-Owner of a 20,000sq ft trendy food market, NYC, 15 years.
    Consistently rated one of the best markets in NYC in Yelp.
    Built the market from the ground up, handled permits and licenses for construction to zoning and food handling, negotiated lease, developed great relationships with local banks, businesses and community, supervised 50+ employees, marketing, bookkeeping, vendor relations, human resources.

  • Co-Owner of two restaurants, NYC, 5 years.
    Built both restaurants from the ground up, handled permits and licenses for construction to zoning and food handling, managed and trained over 30+ staff, marketing, well-reviewed in top publications (NY Times, New York Magazine, Timeout), bookkeeping, human resources.

5.) What experience do you have that is relevant to this position?

My professional experience working on national media marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies in the States and feature filmmaking in South Korea can be a strong asset in shaping the Grant Committee’s message in order to attract the best projects and builders possible. To me, the administrative and organizational work is a given and will get done with high standards. The real challenge for the Leader of the grant committee will be to set the direction for our ecosystem to become one of the best in this space.

To sway someone’s opinion through copy and images is not easy, and to change their behavior is even more challenging. But still, it’s not voodoo. You have to first make an impression with an attractive pitch that is broad, almost obvious, yet feels novel. Then if they engage further, give them a few compelling reasons why with clear examples that have straightforward value propositions. Finally, close with how it can improve their life on a personal level. As far as the hardcore technical information, it should be abstracted away for those actually searching for it. And that’s it. You just need to arrange these layers so it’s disseminated in a way that doesn’t lose your target audience’s attention as they go down this constructed journey of understanding their own internal values in relation to your message. This may sound easy, but most marketing and advertising agencies are doing shoddy work, releasing cookie cutter campaigns with slick images that ultimately fail, wasting valuable time and limited resources.

The Shimmer Treasury can be at the heart of delivering our vision to the world. If we can create a clear and powerful brand/message, it can convince the best to build on our networks, triggering a snowball effect for others to follow, and all this could very well depend on how we position the Shimmer network and its treasury from the start. It behooves the community to make sure we get this messaging right, especially this critical first year, with someone who not only has a strong vested interest in the success of our ecosystem but has worked at the cross section of creativity, high tech and marketing.

6.) In your opinion, which of the skills you obtain are the most important and valuable for this Grant Committee Lead position? If possible, provide proof of how and where you obtained those skills.

Working in national TV commercial advertising and marketing In NYC, I not only managed graphics and editing teams on tight deadlines, but I have also advised top executives from the biggest corporations in copywriting as they learned to trust my instincts and literary background.

From this experience, I acquired excellent organizational and communication skills from developing efficient systems with clear, precise nomenclature for high productivity. I have put together polished presentations and pitches to land clients, created animatics for visualization and produced corporate marketing materials/videos and short films on various budget levels. I have also upgraded the pipelines of two facilities from offline/online tape formats to completely digital workflows.

Having led teams in various industries, I know when to shut up and listen to the people who know more than me in a particular field or expertise. Then I can delegate effectively making the final decision. I have no qualms about admitting when I’m wrong and moving on. So I look forward to collaborating with the grant committee.

As an IOTA community member, I believe I have given valuable insights and advice on both the genesis of the Shimmer Network and our governance models as well as the Shimmer Treasury and both the Grant and Growth Committees. I bring this up not for recognition, but because it demonstrates how passionate I am about the project and that I have a record of solid executable ideas that can help us succeed.

I’m a Korean-American with a US citizenship with advanced Korean language skills. I have lived in NYC, NJ, Ann Arbor and Chicago and have spent summers in Baltimore, DC, Boston and LA. I have visited almost all 50 states. I have traveled in Europe and extensively in Asia, Mexico and Canada. Most of my friends, contacts and family are in the States and parts of Asia, so I won’t have any issues organizing or researching stuff going down in either geographical area. I am currently residing in Busan, South Korea.

7.) Are you a software developer? If yes, please provide info on your skills and proof of the projects you already have built/worked on (Github, languages, certificates, etc.)

I am not a software developer by profession, but I have started learning C++ for the past year and finished a course on Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-368d5b11-0328-4d7d-8d63-9e835442e291/

I have been developing a multiplayer shooter game in Unreal Engine 4-5 mainly in C++, so my knowledge of coding is focused on the Unreal Engine library and development tools. The demo is not yet public, and I have no github link.

8.) Are you willing to reveal and verify your identity through a KYC process? Will you also sign a binding contract as a full-time team member with the legal entity of the Shimmer Community Treasury Committee?

Note: KYC is required for this position. If you are not willing to KYC and sign a full-time contract with the Shimmer Community Treasury legal entity, you will not be accepted to this position.

Yes - I am willing to KYC and sign a full-time contract with the Shimmer Community Treasury.

9.) Can you commit to focusing the next 12 months solely on the Shimmer Community Treasury as Program Lead and be available 40 hrs a week, if not a bit more? As the Program Lead, you will not be able to work other side jobs or support other Dapp projects regularly. If acting against this, the committee will seek a replacement at that time.

Yes - I am willing to focus all my time supporting the Shimmer Community Treasury as Program Lead for the next 12 months.

10.) As the Program Lead, you most likely will support the Shimmer Community Treasuries’ interest in the Growth Committee. This may require more time above and beyond the 40 hrs (paid hourly, of course). Are you willing to commit to this?

Yes - I am willing to represent the community by participating in the Growth Committee with whatever time requirements are required.

11.) As a member of the Shimmer Growth committee, are you willing to sign a service provider contract with the Tangle Ecosystem Association and respect the included Non-Disclosure Agreement? Breaking the contract or Non-Disclosure Agreement may bring consequences financially and or legally.

Yes - I am willing to sign a service provider contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the Tangle Ecosystem Association and absolutely will respect all binding effects within such agreement contracts.

12.) Provide any web links or supporting documentation you would like the community to see when assessing you for the Shimmer Community Treasury Lead position.

Here are some commercials I worked on.

Claritin TV ad:

[Claritin Commercial 1999 - YouTube]

Revlon TV ad:

[Revlon 90s TV Commercial with Halle Berry, Melanie Griffith, & Salma Hayek (1998) - YouTube]

These were the only ones I could find on youtube. Unfortunately, the upload quality is not great, and they do look pretty dated. I will, however, say that this Claritin TV ad campaign made Claritin the number 1 prescription drug in the US then. And this Revlon campaign was also very successful at the time with some of the biggest stars from back then. I was in my 20s when I worked on these, and I learned a lot from some pretty old ad guys who started their careers writing copy in newspapers.

I won’t post any specific information about my films, but I will say that the feature film I wrote and directed was made for an independent Korean studio. It was released theatrically and did good business in downloads.

13.) Do you have affiliations with any Crypto projects? The community would like to know particularly if you are involved with projects as a creator, on the board, or employed. Please list any projects or applications you have affiliations to.

I am a co-founder of a web3 project with several other professional filmmakers. It is a community-driven, financially sustainable entertainment studio, and it has not launched publicly nor has it raised any funds yet.

If the community honors me with the position of the Lead, I will suspend all activities on the project for the duration of holding this position. As many of you know, I strongly believe in the ideas I share in this application, and I would consider it a privilege to work full-time for our mutual success.

14.) What is your long-term vision of the Shimmer Community Treasury? How do you see the Community Treasury affecting the Shimmer & IOTA ecosystem, and what does the Shimmer & IOTA Ecosystem look to you in three years?

We need to be lean during market conditions like this so we don’t squander the allotted annual amounts. By being judicious on what projects and initiatives we select, we must maximize our gains while spending less. Again, this is when we should craft an effective pitch to attract solid devs and projects. I can confidently say I can help create this core message in the first year, saving us time, resources and funds, and making it much easier to scale everything up in the coming years by having everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal.

While I would love to see defi, dexes, gamefi, metaverses and other crypto projects succeeding in our ecosystem, another parallel track I would like us to keep focusing on is real world adoption as we always envisioned in the energy sector, financial markets, real estate, transportation industry, supply chain tracking, barcode technology, climate change initiatives, etc. And once the market rebounds and we are in a stronger position, I think it is incumbent upon us to pursue philanthropic endeavors as well, ones that can have a positive impact on things like the preservation of our environment and helping those less fortunate than us. And as the tech proves itself over time, it can start being standardized as a protocol.

The community will finally have a significant say through the Shimmer Community Treasury to help shape our collective destiny by growing the ecosystem and paving the way for wider adoption. In three years time, I hope we have enabled everything we imagined possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I asked our Grant reviewer candidates if they would agree to take part in this challenge on 19 November with this message sent out to everyone:

Hey, I want to challenge all potential Committee members with a little task.

I want to present you with a grant application and give you one week to come up with an opinion about this application based on the information provided to you. Please put anything that comes to your mind in your response to this message, and if possible, come up with an initial opinion if you would support funding this Proposal.

You may want to use the evaluation matrix developed for the Treasury committee: Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Committee - Version 2

The Proposal is a copy of an original proposal submitted to another Ecosystem Grant program.

I have chosen two types of applications, one that is a bit more developer oriented for the reviewers with experience in software projects and one that is more community/event focussed for the others.

Every Proposal is presented in 3 different versions. I have changed some parameters in every version, so your competitors may be presented with the same Proposal with some small but important changes to the original version.

I hope you agree to this little challenge. It may be interesting for the community to see how different candidates approach this task and to which conclusions they come regarding the grant proposal.

I will DM every candidate with the same text you got here and send them their challenge privately. I hope we can keep this private until the challenge is finished in one week.

Next Sunday, at 11 am CET, I will post the information about the challenge in reply to your application post and will include the response you sent me via DM in this post.

This will, in my opinion, be the fairest process to give everyone the same conditions without revealing a challenge that a competitor has to solve or making answers public that others could consider in their own approach to the problem. So everything will stay with me, and I am the only one who knows who gets which challenge and who replies what until the reveal.

I try to make sure that applicants who are part of the same project do not get the same grant challenge, so they cannot support each other.

Please reply within 24 hours if you agree to this challenge, and I will send you the Proposal.

Thanks again for offering your skills to the community. I hope you find this a fair approach to give the community some better insights.

This is the publication of @overclocked ‘s participation in the Grant reviewers’ Test challenge. More details about the challenge can be found in this post

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Overclocked Grant Reviews:

Proposal 1: Shimmer - Hackathon Proposal 3 (underfunded Version Budget 55.000 instead of 90.000 USD)

EasyA Hackathon Grant Proposal

Reviewer: overclocked

After a quick search, I see that EasyA’s grant proposal budget for a hackathon of this scale in London is grossly under budget so I would have to reject the proposal to insure that any event that the Grant Committee approves and the Shimmer Treasury funds will have high quality assurances for all aspects of an event. They are asking for $55,000 for this Shimmer hackathon when they successfully completed a similar hackathon for Polkadot this past summer for $90,000. As this proposal is not allocating proper funds for such crucial elements like venue and equipment, staffing and event planning, I would be concerned if the event will be completed successfully and about the quality of experience for both the organizers and the participants.

I would like to add that even if this proposal was budgeted correctly, I would still reject it for several reasons. Although the team is strong with a proven track record, I feel like right now is not the appropriate time for holding events like this. While we can go strong on some marketing campaigns for the first half of 2023, we need to strategize differently for events like hackathons, meetups and conferences.

One great thing about isc is that having evm will make everything easier and faster in terms of organizing instructional materials and guides, cultivating instructors/teachers who already have a background in solidity and getting developers from the eth ecosystem to consider building on Shimmer. Still, I think because of the market conditions, and that the smartcontracts will have just launched, we should focus more on meetups and virtual hackathons the first half of 2023 and make sure everything is running smoothly before ramping up to in-person hackathons and larger conferences in the second half of 2023. We can first fund meetups at different schools and organizations, anywhere where there might be interest in the Shimmer Network. We can do presentations while getting more devs and potential instructors interested in the networks and possibly involved for later, larger events.

Even though virtual hackathons are probably not as much fun and exciting as in-person events, we can focus more on the education, unveiling of the winners and presenting them with the cash prizes. This way we can onboard more developers with less funding and get feedback from instructors on fine-tuning the educational materials to teach it most effectively in that short period of time.

Then in the second half of 2023 after we have polished versions of guides and manuals and established several strong instructors/teachers, we can start holding in-person hackathons that are more costly with less participants but can generate a lot more excitement, fun and great marketing materials to be utilized in the future in terms of testimonials, photos and videos. And, if market conditions are still bearish, we can hold in-person events in less expensive locales than London where everything is notoriously expensive. Since we have established networks in the first half of 2023 through well funded meetups, we can get help researching and figuring out the best places to hold the hackathons. We could even set preferences for organizers to seek other sponsors and not solely rely on our treasury.

Still, it will be important to establish relations with companies/organizations like EasyA since they have clearly shown they are able to organize and complete successful hackathons. When the time is right, we should definitely pursue events like this.

IOTA and Shimmer Global Summit

I just had an idea doing this proposal review I wanted to share. We should hold a virtual summit in the first quarter of next year and invite everyone in the ecosystem from all the different countries, social platforms, IF, Touchpoint and projects to hold a virtual meeting to discuss the future of the networks, share ideas and also gather what people expect from the treasury. We could break up the Summit into 2-3 town hall style gatherings for different main topics like technology and marketing. Would be really fun to just get everyone together to discuss and celebrate the tech, our community and the future. We could gather all our energy to form a focused, powerful synergy to kick off the new year.

Finally, my apologies for all the additional thoughts I put into these reviews. I just find this whole process a great platform to express my ideas. I hope you think they are somewhat useful. I also know if you’ve read this far then you care about our community as much as I do. Thank you for your time and consideration

Evaluation Matrix: EasyA

Category? Hackathon

Relevance to the Shimmer/IOT: 4

The project is very relevant to the Shimmer/IOTA Ecosystem and exclusively builds on the Shimmer Network. They may currently have an MVP on Shimmer already.

Plan and Funding Model: 1

The team has a semblance of expectations for their milestones, but they are unrealistic.

Execution: 3

Some critical steps have been taken toward their project goals. Their MVP is currently being built with signs or some sort of traction.

Verifiability and Quality of the Team: 4

Team is doxxed, and we can easily verify backgrounds. The team is also high quality and seems capable, trustworthy, and ready to take action on the project.

Overall Quality & Originality of the Idea: 2

The project would somewhat impact the Web3/crypto ecosystem as a whole and is somewhat unique.

Total Score: 14

Tier 3 (Funding budget 50.000 - 200.000 USD) - required score minimum 15 of 20

Proposal 2: Crypto APIs Shimmer Spending Proposal 2 (Overpriced Version 90.000 USD instead of 60.000 USD)

Crypto APIs Hackathon Grant Proposal

Reviewer: overclocked

After reviewing Crypto APIs grant proposal, I will have to reject it. The main reason being that for $90,000 this submission falls under our Tier 3 which has a high level of scrutiny by the committee, and as of now, this proposal has too many different components that are loosely bundled together. I would advise the grant applicant to possibly break this proposal up into 2 or even 3 separate proposals, so the grant committee can assess the value of each more accurately. It seems Crypto APIs is a reputable company, but even so, each account is different and every relationship must develop through coherent stages. Even though the overall costs might be lower for a bundled execution due to research and debugging being done once, if they can submit a compelling proposal, get it approved and execute on schedule and budget, then we can consider the other proposals with much more confidence.

Let me address how I would approach this proposal if it was broken into an application for each product.

Key Management System – If I’m understanding this correctly, I can see how a blockchain-agnostic HD Omnibus wallet that will include Shimmer with other networks can be useful to projects building in our ecosystem especially if they are handling services or platforms where they need to get access to other networks or give it conveniently to their users/customers with the privacy features in a hierarchical deterministic wallet. The most important aspect of this, however, would be to make sure there are no security risks. Because wallets are the main interaction between most users and the network/ecosystem, we need to make sure any type of wallet implementation is meeting the highest standards. Imagine the fallout and brand damage if the treasury gives a grant to some wallet project that had a security flaw or risk. This is why the committee should have paid consultation with the Firefly team or someone from the team to assess wallet proposals. It might also be worthwhile to search what if any open source projects there are for wallets like this as well as other companies who specialize in this area. In the end, however, this could be a solid project to pursue with Crypto APIs, but the budgeted price would have to become competitive to their work that is similar to other projects.

A pool of shared public Shimmer nodes – Since one of the advantages of Shimmer and IOTA is being able to run a node on very low hardware requirements, I’m not sure how relevant this pool of shared nodes is for the ecosystem. Per IOTA wiki:

“Minimum Requirements

To handle high rates of transactions per second, nodes need enough computational power to run reliably, including the following minimum requirements:

  • A dual-core CPU
  • 2 GB RAM
  • SSD storage

The amount of storage you need will depend on whether you plan on pruning transactions from your local database.” If this is to run some shared version of perma nodes which is not specified in the proposal, then I would need to discuss with others who have more knowledge in this area what is possible or necessary for projects with the potential of fees being charged and also how mana could affect sharing nodes in the future. As far as Wasp nodes are concerned, they are to execute smart contracts and update the state as a member of a committee with other validators. I’m not sure how the proposed pool could apply to this, but since this is not my area of expertise, I am more than willing to ask and learn if this is possible and beneficial in any way to the community.

I personally think the projects should run their own nodes when possible even if a shared pool is to be distributed across several hosting platforms, I think it helps with the security of the network and also the perception of it being more decentralized whether it’s accurate or not matters.

Block Explorer — For this there would need to be research done on how much Blockexplorer.One will give Shimmer Network exposure to its users besides the service they provide for access to blockchain data. They state on their website “Get unified access to complex and dynamic blockchain data from a single point using REST APIs. The perfectly synced and indexed database guarantees a quick response time of 25ms. Retrieve information from top blockchain protocols on account balances, blocks, transaction activity, tokens, smart contracts, mempool, fees recommendations and more.” With the marketing component Crypto APIs wants to do, having a proven service to access comprehensive data like this could be worthwhile, but like the other products, their price again would have to be competitive to what they offered other networks and projects.

Ecosystem Blueprint v1 & Community Bulletin Board

Doing this review, I had an idea of creating a blueprint through the committee with the community and IF. It would be a blueprint of different parts potential projects would need to build. The main map would focus on the components that overlap most between projects. Then there could be more specific sub-blueprints to address defi platforms or games since many of them within their category need similar building blocks. Besides tagging these different areas with opensource code that might already be available, we can then create a corresponding bulletin board to list the needed SDKs, plugins, build tools etc. to see if developers would be interested in taking on the task with treasury funding.

This way if a builder or entrepreneur has a great idea for a project they can come to our ecosystem and survey this blueprint or appropriate sub-blueprint and immediately have a clear idea of not only what they need done to build their project out but also its scope. They can then move forward confidently hiring devs being able to coordinate with them what is already available to build on or needs to be coded specifically for the project. Having information and processes organized for clarity and accessibility can empower creative and business minded individuals who don’t have coding backgrounds to get involved if they have a great idea they want to execute on. They can clearly see things like what they need to build or just outsource to a service entity. Currently, the Asia-Pacific Gaming collaborative (Roy [OnRails], KimJongUn and several others) are exploring creating a gaming blueprint for our ecosystem to use. If you would like to get involved dm one of us.

Evaluation Matrix: Crypto APIs

Category? Infrastructure

Relevance to the Shimmer/IOT: 2

The project is somewhat relevant to the Shimmer/IOTA Ecosystem, and the Shimmer network is a main network of choice, but not the only one.

Plan and Funding Model: 2

The team has clear, descriptive expectations of their milestones but are not entirely realistic.

Execution: 3

Some critical steps have been taken toward their project goals. Their MVP is currently being built with signs or some sort of traction.

Verifiability and Quality of the Team: 4

Team is doxxed, and we can easily verify backgrounds. The team is also high quality and seems capable, trustworthy, and ready to take action on the project.

Overall Quality & Originality of the Idea: 2

The project would somewhat impact the Web3/crypto ecosystem as a whole and is somewhat unique.

Total Score: 13

Tier 3 (Funding budget 50.000 - 200.000 USD) - required score minimum 15 of 20