Governance meeting #93 17/08/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #93 - 17/08/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

Topics Discussed::

  • We went through a new version of the document that will become the new specification of the Tangle Treasury which included all the points we suggested to add / change in the past meeting. We had some further suggestions and small comments that will be included in the doc. The current working version can be viewed here. Comments are welcome and appreciated.

  • further work will be put into this to come to an aligned and optimized proposal

  • The plan is to publish this as a Phase 1 Governance proposal in about two weeks.

  • The Governance Framework will be updated to include IOTA, I will work on finalizing this.

  • We agreed that to establish the “IOTA Governance Framework,” we will not do a Governance vote. Instead, we take what we have for Shimmer and imply it also for the IOTA Community.
    Any future changes that should fall outside the allowed scope of adjustments by the Governance moderators will, of course, go through the governance process (but then only always propose and explain the parts that should be changed)

  • We will also create a “Committee member selection process specification” based on what we already have for the Shimmer Grant committee.

  • @Werner had some suggestions on improving the workflow and handling of proposals in the forum and the rules for closing and archiving them. We discussed this also, and all agreed that those suggestions make sense. He did write them down here in the Discord

  • To integrate IOTA Governance into the Governance Forum, we agreed on a new category structure:

    • The main Category will be renamed from “Shimmer Governance proposals” to only “Governance Proposals.”
    • We will have two separate [Phase 1] categories/threads - one for “Shimmer Phase 1 proposals” and 1 for “IOTA Phase 1 proposals”.
    • Phase 2 and Phase 3 will then contain proposals from both networks as they will not host any discussions anymore and don’t necessarily need to be separated.

Next Governance meeting: 25/08/23, 4pm CET in the IOTA Discord