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hello guys am new here , please i wanna know how it works , how can i reach level 2 or more , what they platform is all about etc :smiley: :laughing:


Hey welcome.

The Governance Forum takes care of discussions about Governance in Shimmer and IOTA. If you want to change something or propose something concerning the Protocols, you can start a discussion here, maybe in #shimmer-governance-proposals, and see how others perceive this proposal.

With enough support from others, this can emerge into a governance vote amongst all token holders and a change in the network,

We have a guide that describes the procedure: READ FIRST - Shimmer governance guide

The whole process of Governance is explained in our Wiki: Shimmer Governance | Shimmer Wiki

Please ask further questions if you want to know more!


OK, I just gave some ideas as a reply to a poll, maybe wasnt the right way. Learning the system here.

Great Project, great job! Love iota & shimmer

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it seems I need to publish post to achieve level 1 trust? Is it true?

Same question as above

What about level 1? How can i update?

Here is the explainer: READ FIRST - Shimmer governance guide

No it should work without posting. Here is the way how to reach the level READ FIRST - Shimmer governance guide

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I don’t know if it was a good idea :sweat_smile:. It will be full of spam


It‘s also my first post and I finally made it to this forum because of the Zealy quest. I‘m still confused about how to achieve Trust Level 1 and if it‘s really necessary to post something I assume there will be a lot of nonsense popping up.

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Yeah, it is not necessary to post something, just read minimum 3 posts and spend 25 minutes reading


could it be that post just update stats of profile and that is the reason why people assume that it is a requirement?

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I do not understand how reading time is counted. Maybe it is just a lag, but spend a lot of time reading topics and it shows only less than 1 minute time :smiley:

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There seems a bit of a lag - you got a fantastic one hour reading time now!


I love what you are doing here guys. This is amazing community


Hello amaizin comunity… :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


hello team, im newbie too lol

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Good to be here, quality content and great insights.


hello mate welcome to us

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