Community Treasury 2024 - Program Lead application topics

It’s Election Time!

The Tangle Community Treasury has operated as a success over the 2023 to 2024. Continuously building and managing the Tangle Community Treasury is the Program Lead. Each year elections are held to either re-elect the current Program Lead, or, if any community member wants to apply they have the chance to.

The committee of the Treasury not only supports the positive growth of the ecosystem through grant funding, but is also a voice of the community. It is the job of the Program Lead to manage and lead the committee to ensure the Tangle Community Treasury always represents the community consensus, focuses on growing the ecosystem in a positive manner, and always ensures he or she act in a fiduciary manner ensuring Treasury support is provided fairly and without bias to all community members and projects.

This position requires a high degree of expereince managing teams, orgnaizations, departments, or and a company. The Program Lead will be responsible for all legal requirements, treasury assets, committee salary payments, and be the leading face and representative of the Treasury.

The fully detailed Tangle Community Treasury framework can be found at: Operation-Agreement/Exhibit C - at main · Tangle-Community-Treasury-DAO/Operation-Agreement · GitHub, It is essential the program lead understands the framework and roles and repsonsibilities of the committee.

If you are willing to accept the above conditions then we look forward to any community member apply. Please use the template found at the link below to submit your application as a topic in this category.

You are responsible for following this System in your daily work.

  • Understand the selection process and how you can be elected as a Grant Reviewer.

Program Leads Tasks and Conditions

  • Tasks:

    • The program lead will spend up to 40 hrs per week managing, operating, and taking on all responsibilities of the Tangle DAO LLC and supervise the Tangle Community Treasury committee. Team leads (if community approves Treasury organizational revision) spend up to 20 hrs per week or less. The program lead will designated two reviewers to be team leads and assign them to either the Shimmer or IOTA treasury. The program leads responsibilities include:
      • Ensure the Tangle Community Treasury website ( is up-to-date and evolves with the changing ecosystem.
      • Vet incoming grants and based on which treasury (ie. IOTA or Shimmer) assign the grants to a team lead.
      • Manage the TCT Discord ensure grant discussions are properly organized.
      • Manage the Treasury sensitive files, contracts and G-Drive.
      • Write up all grant and treasury legal contracts. When new situations arise that require legal opinions for the Tangle DAO LLC liason with the Treasury lawyer and implement new contracts and or processes.
      • Ensure the Tangle DAO LLC always maintains its legal non-profit status.
      • Manage the Treasury’s finances and accounting and conduct quarterly or annual audits.
      • organize, initiate, and execute all grant and salary payouts.
      • Schedule and lead weekly treasury meetings ensuring the committee is continuously learning and taking on more responsibilities throughout the year. The committee is in no way a solely dictated by the program lead. It is his or her responsibility to ensure treasury decisions are done with a group, and, over time teh committee learns and takes on more responsibilities.
      • Create and present quarterly and annual reports that show in detailed the Treasury’s activities and developments.
      • The program lead is the lead point-of-contact for the Tangle Community Treasury both within and outside of the ecosystem. A standard of professionalism is a must.
      • The program lead is responsible with networking, seeking community project owners experience and feeling with the ecosystem, the communities pulse, and addressing the consensus of challenges the ecosystem faces. The TCT is for and by the community and thus shall always be there to support the community consensus fairly without bias.
      • Ensure any partnerships or contractor agreements, ownerships of infastructure assets (such as or any other assets are properly and legally managed by the Tangle DAO LLC.
      • Ensure the framework developed by the community is always upheld, but also, conduct regular lessons learned so that the you can advise framework revision to keep innovating and improving the treasury to best support the vision.
      • Setup and manage all multi-sig SAFEs that the treasury and the layer-zero interact with.
      • Track all of your daily activites in detail within the hours tracker log to have a running activity log in case someone needs to take over in an emergency.
      • Ensure all passwords, logins, contracts, are all setup in which the co-lead has the access so that in case of an emergency the co-lead can take over the program leads position smoothly.
      • Develop over the 2024 to 2025 term an operations manual that details specifically the treasury operations.
  • Conditions:

    • Compensation:11,200 USD per month as a full-time employment contract under the Marshall Islands regulations.
    • Sign a service provider contract with the Tangle DAO LLC. Payments will be based on invoice or submitted hours.
    • Will be required to KYC and sign NDA and Conflict of Interest policy
      *Note: The program lead shall not have affiliations with other project or have a another full-time job. They are required to commit solely to the Tangle Community Treasury.
    • You are required to have the needed communication tools to fulfill this position (own Computer, strong Internet connection, two Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets to operate the Multisignature Wallet)

Please be proactive in responding to questions from the community about your application, your person, and the information you provide in this application.

Attempts to cheat or provide false information can result in excluding you from the selection process.