Why no developer / validator section ?

People here wanna talk in a circle all day, about soon soon soon and wen,

… or actually BUIDL ?

I’d like to see some nested => Networks[] => NodeSoftware[bee,hornet,xoxo] kind of structure added to the forum structure.

Regarding the govIOTA forum, discord is chaotic and very spread around with its information, coming from the old forum times,

  • i see a benefit, having some more in depth conversations regarding the development, instead of 50k people chatting across 5k channels to work on 1 topic // 1 issue // 1 feature, codewise, or also for the incoming validators aka committee’s, that will be a huge topic in IOTAs future.

I know this is governance forum, but this is the ONLY place for me to get information, other than IOTA wiki, Github repos and iota-talk.com.

Somehow, clicking the join Discord link, ends up with some


rejection to join, sadly. I am active rust and wasm expert that wants to build on embedded stuff with big names in the industry lined up. Would be great if some comm manager / mod maybe could check that permissions or whatever bug that is on discord.

~ Signed, sum1 with Xperience.

Hey, Thanks for the input.

i would suggest that for development discussions, you use the GitHub Tips process. This is where you can go into deeper discussions around dev-specific questions. And of course, our Discord is the best place for this also. Please send me a message with your discord username and Discord ID, and I will make sure you get access.


Thanks for the great tip and link, appreciate. ill DM ya.

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