When will IOTA make a better wallet?

I have bought IOTA in the past, back when the Trinity wallet was around. Everything about IOTA sounded very promising, but then the prices fall down, and IOTA Foundation started making bad decisions.

== What are the IOTA Foundation bad decisions? ==

  1. The wallet show be starting with a simple command line program, the same way that Monero has done. In Monero, you don’t need a graphical interface to exchange your money, and this makes it much more appealling to the open-source and Linux/Unix community. And in Monero, if you insist on using an GUI, you can install the GUI wallet version, that is built on top of the command line Monero wallet. IOTA should be using the same strategy if it whishes to succeed. Instead of having an Electron-based wallet (weeuuuuuu) it should build a command line wallet, and then build a GUI (graphical user interface) on top of this command line wallet.
  2. IOTA, back when it had the Trinity wallet had an Android version of the wallet. Now there is no wallet for Android. And also my wallet on Linux does not work properly because of gnome-keyring issue! So, it seems that IOTA is only for Windows users, and this attitude is costing IOTA many progress. Make Firefly wallet work on Linux, and on Android!
  3. This is similar to the second point, but as you may already know, without an smartphone IOTA wallet, IOTA will never replace cash. All the selling points about being a feeless crypto, falls away, with this.

Without this 3 issues being resolved, IOTA will never gain traction for a normal money transaction usage. So without this 3 issues being resolved, most of business will never use IOTA tokens.

IOTA Foundation can do better. I alone can only post this on the Internet.

Firefly Mobile Beta was released yesterday.

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