Read before you apply! Grant Reviewer applications category


We, as a community, are happy that you are considering becoming a Grant Reviewer of our Community Treasury Program.

This position requires high dedication and the mindset of serving the Ecosystem and the Shimmer Community. You will have a big responsibility to ensure that community funds are spent responsibly and with a high impact on the ecosystem. This position requires making difficult decisions and working with other dedicated grant reviewers in a team.
You will have the ability to shape the future of the Shimmer and IOTA Ecosystem with your work and dedication to this position. We expect the best from you, and the community will put a lot of trust in your ability to act responsibly with the budget that the Committee receives.
Challenges will arise, and you need to be able to solve them. The community has put a lot of work into designing a framework and tools that enable you to fulfill this position effectively and focus on facilitating opportunities for the ecosystem.

Please use the application template when you submit your post, which is preconfigured, and tell us everything possible that you think the community needs to know about you.

You are responsible for following this System in your daily work.

  • Understand the selection process and how you can be elected as a Grant Reviewer.

Grant Reviewer’s Tasks and Conditions

  • Tasks:
    • Spend 40 hours per month (10 per week on average) reviewing and validating incoming grant applications
    • Decide on funds distribution (independent or as a group depending on budget)
    • Participate in community meetings where the team members will present the work of the grant committee publicly
    • Follow up on approved grants, and evaluate if milestones are reached
    • Work and make decisions together as a team
  • Conditions:
    • Compensation: 50 USD per hour (net) for a maximum of 40 hours monthly, paid in Stablecoin
    • Signed in under a service provider contract. Payments will be based on invoices. The number of hours is dependent on the demand for reviews (max 40 hours per month)
    • Will be required to KYC and sign NDA and Conflict of Interest policy
    • Will be required to reveal any affiliations to projects that could cause a conflict of interest and will be excluded from decisions on such grant applications
    • You are required to have the needed communication tools to fulfill this position (own Computer, strong Internet connection, Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet to operate the Multisignature Wallet)

Please be proactive in responding to questions from the community about your application, your person, and the information you provide in this application.

Attempts to cheat or provide false information can result in excluding you from the selection process.


I think there is also a future problem in relation to Grants not being issued to persons who create products that will rival the reviewers affiliates. Food for thought.

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Thanks for the comment. Each reviewer has stated what projects they are associated with. They will be excluded from reviewing any grants within those affiliated categories (ie. DeFi, NFT Market Places, etc.) that they could potentially have conflicts of interest with.

Also, the program lead approves and oversees all reviewer activities. Lastly, all reviewers can see how each other grades projects. If biased is shown people will see it and thus these process steps mitigate such risks as competing projects not getting grant funding. I think such risk mitigators suffice.

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