Proposal for growing an IOTA Web of Trust to help build a strong future community

Please see the Medium article linked below. I was asked by an IF member to post this here in order that there could be a structured discussion. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing your views.


This proposal for enabling an IOTA Web of Trust service within the Soonaverse platform truly resonates with both ZipServicesDAO and FarmerDAO. Both DAO’s appreciate and greatly value the support we have received from the wider IOTA community. We have been discussing the best method to jointly directly reward individual community members who have and/or willing to be involved in either project, going forward. We believe long-term commitment from verified individuals within the IOTA community should be rewarded financially. Hence, we are currently investigating how best to leverage the WoT within the Soonaverse badge reward system to allow verification of individuals in the community to receive DAO reward points that can accumulate towards financial awards. Initially, we will enable WoT verified individuals to benefit from DAO contributions by receiving vested pre-sale NFTs and later on, also ZipServicesDAO/FarmerDAO tokens. We will be working with the Soonaverse team and @dumdave to see how we can design and then test this reward mechanic by mid-July, prior to its initial release in time for our NFT sale ‘go-live’ in early September.

I completely agree with this proposition. I think there 2 types of people in the crypto space:

  1. You are here to invest in a platforms token, hoping for a return on that investment, and do not care what platform provides that return and have little interest in the direction or progress of the platform.

  2. You are genuinely interested in the platforms success and viability, are involved in one of the many communities and contribute what you can, and as a by product of that success are rewarded monetarily either by token value increase of the platform or by projects within the platform.

I think there is a change on the horizon in the crypto world with how platforms are created and governed. While there is a case to be made for “1 Coin = 1 Vote”, I think there’s more power and viability in the “1 Person = 1 Vote” type of voting.

My suggestion would be to start building out this Web of Trust NOW. There is no group of people better to be selected to help vote on certain proposals than those who are active in the communities. I believe those who are active community members have much more interest in the platform and its success than someone who holds tokens only.

If a Web of Trust is created now, it could already start testing this idea. Let’s not just theorize this idea, but let’s start putting it into action. Not only could it’s success catch the eye of the IF (especially with their being funds ready to be distributed to the right projects), but it would also be a great idea for other DAO’s within the IOTA Ecosystem to utilize this highly trusted group of individuals to vote on important proposals without having to worry about whales swaying the vote.

Let’s start NOW!

Great post!

If you’d like to get involved in Zip Service DAO/FarmerDAO WoT and community outreach, just ping me on Discord - @ebk1960.