[Poll] Grant committee Mission statement

The idea of a community-based grant committee for Shimmer is drafted in this document: Shimmer Community Grant Committee Idea - Google Docs.

We want to use this thread to clarify the exact wording of the mission statement for such a committee.

A mission statement defines the fundamental purpose of a project. It is very important because differences in wording can greatly affect a project’s operation. Everything that happens in a project should be aligned with the mission statement. The mission statement should offer clear and simple decision guidance in disagreements or disputes.

We had several initial ideas and would like to hear opinions on them:

Which one of those Mission statements for the Community Grants committee do you think is the best definition of the mission?

  • 1.) A committee-based Treasury to support the Shimmer and IOTA network and empower its ecosystem and community
  • 2.) A community-based Treasury that directly supports the Shimmer network and positively empowers the entire IOTA ecosystem
  • 3.) A committee-based Treasury to support the Shimmer and IOTA network and empower its ecosystem and community
  • 4.) A community-committee-based grant program to support the Shimmer network and empower its ecosystem and community

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My personal preference here lies with version 4, and ill shortly explain why:

1. It does not mention IOTA.

  • Huh? But don’t we want to support IOTA also?
    Yes, of course! But, I believe that anything the grant committee would fund on Shimmer will indirectly always positively affect IOTA. All things that work on Shimmer and help to grow Shimmer will have a direct or indirect positive effect on IOTA. I feel we don’t need to mention it extra, and it could sometimes complicate funding things that do not specifically mention or include things on IOTA.
  • Putting IOTA here in the mission statement would make it more difficult to fund projects where it is not entirely clear that they have a “positive effect” or “support” IOTA. Think about an event where a group of people wants to present Shimmer. If they would only use Shimmer branding/Logos/advertising material, it could be argued that they do not “support” or “have a positive effect” on IOTA directly.
    The same goes for producing a YouTube video about Shimmer that does not mention IOTA.
    Would funding for this need to be declined because of the missing direct relation to IOTA? So I just don’t see the need to mention it and would keep it simpler and shorter.

2. IOTA will have its own Treasury.

  • So, an additional 50 Ti IOTA tokens will be available a couple of months later to foccuss on IOTA projects. This IOTA Treasury will likely only foccuss on things in the IOTA network and not spend funds for things on Shimmer.

3. Calling it “Grant program” instead of “Treasury” is important.

  • This planned community grant committee is not responsible for the whole Shimmer community Treasury (the 10% SMR supply).

  • It will only receive a budget out of this community Treasury, work with this budget, and care about using it most efficiently.

  • The proposal and rules defined in the document are not meant to handle the whole treasury.

  • Let’s focus on creating an effective tool to start supporting Shimmer. This focus will speed up the formation, which seems to be in the community’s interest, and remove complexity from adding things that the committee members would not be able to directly influence (like using the rest of the 85% community tokens),

Happy to receive comments and opinions, or also suggestions for different wordings


Sorry, I can not tell the difference between option 1 and option 3.
( I personally vote for option 4)

Oh lol, thanks, copy paste error.
The diifernece SHOULD be in the wording of


instead of


So that would be a small detail, but important maybe.

4 is very close but possibly should include the following amendment

A community-led committee-based grant program to support the Shimmer network and empower its ecosystem and community


I like that! Thanks!

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