Pathin - Grant Reviewer Application

Preferred Display Name and Age (If you do not want to enter your age, enter that you are above 21 years of age, which is the minimum)

Display Name: Pathin
Real Name: Patrick Fischer
Age: 31

Social Media Handles

Twitter: @ThePahin
Reddit: /u/xPathin
Discord: Pathin#0001
Xing: Patrick Fischer - Co-Founder - IOTA Content Creators DAO LLC | XING

What motivates you to apply for this position?

I am a business owner and active software developer with 12+ years of professional business experience (20+ hobby) and founder in the IOTA and Shimmer space.
I have project management experience and worked on hundreds of diverse projects in many key industries. The Shimmer community treasury will only achieve its highest potential, if it can judge the technological soundness of each incoming funding application. Many proposals will be highly technical or rely on complex technical concepts. My motivation is to provide the expertise necessary to judge these projects fairly on technical grounds.

What is your educational and professional background?

Like most people, I came from the classic web2 world. I taught myself PHP when I was 12 and started writing bots for websites and browser games.
In my professional career I was most of the time developing individual business software for small and medium-sized businesses with project lead responsibilities for more than 10 years.
I was in the ETH space for a long while before I discovered IOTA 2017 and fell in love with IOTA ever since.
I left the crypto space again in 2018 to start my own company, which focused on individual software development for small and medium-sized businesses, before I completely returned to the space in late 2019. Not only that, but I have been involved in many community projects ever since.

Here are some of my highlights:

  • Developed the “Mobile Retter” system, which won the Google Impact Challenge 2016. (backend and app development).
  • Promoting and educating about IOTA on social media.
  • Founding of my own start-up, consulting businesses on their business processes and developing individual software solutions.
  • DAO Pioneer of 2021.
  • Involvement in several high profile IOTA and IOTA related community projects in some capacity.
  • Moderator of the official IOTA Discord (thanks tree, hi spec).
  • Winner of the IOTA DAO Pioneers IDEAthon (with the IOTA Content Creators DAO).
  • Co-founder of the “IOTA Content Creators DAO” (Community-elected as Tech- and Security Coordinator).
  • Co-founder and CEO of Daobee (CEO, Vision, Game design, Development).
  • Co-founder of Tangleverse (Vision, Coordination, Backend).

What experience do you have relevant to this position (grant reviewer, project manager, etc.)? Please describe

As stated in my introduction, “The Shimmer community treasury will only achieve its highest potential, if it can judge the technological soundness of each incoming funding application. Many proposals will be highly technical or rely on complex technical concepts.”

I have been doing individual software development and business process consulting for businesses in a very diverse field of expertise and industries for 10+ years. I can therefore advise on a project’s overall viability and soundness.

There is basically (almost) nothing I haven’t done yet.

Are you a software developer? If yes, please provide info on your skills and proof of the projects you already have built/worked on (GitHub, languages, certificates, etc.)

Here is an incomplete overview of skills which I would like to highlight.

Languages: C#, Java, JavaScript / Typescript, C++, Rust, Go, Solidity, Python, HTML + CSS
Tools: Git, SVN, JetBrains Toolbox (Rider, IntelliJ, Android Studio, …), Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code
Technologies / Frameworks: .NET Core, AD / LDAP, API (RESTful, Web socket, SOAP XML, JSON), EF and EF Core, jQuery, Blazor, React, Identity Server, OIDC and OAuth, Security Token Service, Xamarin, Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365, Node.js, web3.js
Products: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, k8s, docker / podman (containerd), Discord (bot development)

GitHub (most projects are private):

Do you have affiliations that may cause a conflict of interest when reviewing applications? The community would like to know, particularly if reviewers are involved with projects as a creator, on the board, or employed. Please list any projects or applications you have affiliations to.

*Note: This will in no way prevent you from being elected to the position. It is the opposite. We seek experienced reviewers that are specialists in different industries. The reviewers with affiliations will not be able to review grants within their category; however, they will be great resources and act as subject-matter experts.

I am involved and receive tokens or other benefits from the following projects:

  • IOTA Content Creators DAO (Co-founder and elected Tech- and Security Coordinator)
  • Tangleverse (Co-founder)
  • Daobee (Co-founder)

Disclaimer: I am involved in a few other projects where either the whole project is not publicly announced yet or my involvement is under a NDA.

Are you willing to sign a legally binding service provider contract and reveal and verify your identity through a KYC process with the legal entity of the Treasury Committee?

Note: KYC is required for this position. If you are unwilling to KYC and sign a service provider contract, you will not be accepted to the Shimmer Community Treasury.

Yes – I am willing to KYC and sign a service provider contract with the Shimmer Community Treasury.

Can you commit 10 hours weekly on average to work as a grant reviewer for the Shimmer community over the next 12 months?

Yes – I am willing and able to commit 10 hrs a week to the Shimmer Community Treasury.

If you are voted in the top 2 reviewers, you may have the option to join the Growth Committee and work with the TEA representatives. In this case, you may need to spend up to 20 hrs a week for a few weeks in January and maybe February. Are you able to commit to this?

Yes – I am willing and able to commit up to 20 hrs a week to the Growth Committee and the Shimmer Community Treasury if required for the first quarter of 2023.

Are you willing to do KYC, sign an NDA with the Tangle Ecosystem Association and respect the Non-Disclosure Agreement if selected as a member of the Growth Committee? Breaking the Non-Disclosure Agreement may bring consequences financially and or legally.

Yes – I am willing to do KYC, sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and absolutely will respect all binding effects within such agreement contracts.

Provide any web links or supporting documentation you would like the community to see when assessing you for the Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Reviewer position.

Mobile Retter Google Impact Challenge Winner: "And the winner is…” ‒ “Mobile Retter” gewinnen Google Impact Challenge

IOTA Discord Price Bot Source Code: GitHub - icc-dao/discord-ultimate-price-bot: WIP: IOTA Server's New Price Bot

Overview of my developer profile (until 2020):

IOTA Content Creators DAO:



What is your long-term vision of the Shimmer Community Treasury? How do you see the Community Treasury affecting the Shimmer & IOTA ecosystem, and what does the Shimmer & IOTA Ecosystem look like to you in three years?

IOTA and Shimmer have the most exciting tech-vision in all of crypto, and it is the duty of the Shimmer Treasury to help build an ecosystem around that basis. I believe that the best tech will win in the end. However, I also believe that this process can take decades, if it is not sped up by funding exciting new start-ups, technology leaders in the space and some good old marketing and education to bring in new users and builders.

In a couple of years we will see a sea of tech start-ups running on top of the truly next-generation IOTA, Shimmer and Assembly networks. Many promising projects will have been funded from the Shimmer treasury and, who knows, maybe one of them will rise to become the first real globally known brand of the IOTA ecosystem.

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I have one question:
To make it easier for the community to understand what potential conflicts of interest a reviewer may have, and as not everyone may be familiar with the platform you have stated here, could you shortly describe what IOTA Content Creators DAO, Tangleverse and Daobee is and in which sector it operates or plans to operate in the future?

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