Governance meeting #99 05/10/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #9 - 05/10/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

Topics Discussed::

  • Governance Proposal - Phase 2 looks like it is going to get enough support until Monday. This means we will prepare the Firefly votes in both networks to start on Thursday, the 12th October.
  • The Governance Framework will be updated to include IOTA. I will work on finalizing this, and @Werner has offered to help.
  • We are moving forward with the important topic of Shimmer EVM Governance to secure the Community Treasuries. Please read my post where I explain the concept
    • The IF commits dev ressources to build this for the community, so the Treasury will not need to fund the development of the system but only the Audit. We employed a very experienced smart contract engineer who will begin the deployment and testing work next week.
    • We are already speaking with auditors to get a spot so the system will be fully audited.
    • We also have a commitment from Tally to implement Shimmer EVM and be our users’ Voting application/frontend.
    • The community will be involved in testing this solution. We hope many of you will find the time to support us.

Next Governance meeting: 12/10/23, 4 pm CET in the IOTA Discord