Governance meeting #97 21/09/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #97 - 21/09/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

  • This time no recording of the meeting in our YouTube Playlist because I messed up the screen recording, sorry for that :joy:

Topics Discussed::

  • We discussed the new version of the Governance Proposal to update the Shimmer Community Treasury framework that was submitted last week. As we have simplified and highlighted, especially the areas that are intended to be changed from the currently active proposal, we have seen that this seemed to have helped to clarify some open questions and made it easier for readers to understand the important topics addressed.
    • The Proposal has already found the needed support to move to Phase 2 (more than 50 supportive votes in the Phase 1 Poll)
    • We will time to move the proposal to Phase 2 according to the rules defined in the SHimmer Governance Framework. This sets the start of the Phase 2 Poll to the first or 3rd Monday of a month, which will lead to 2 October as the date for the Phase 2 Poll
    • The Phase 2 Poll will happen in 2 different versions:
      • One will be asking for the Shimmer network to adopt the proposed changes to the framework
      • The other one will be specifically Phrased for the IOTA network, touching on Revision 22 of the proposal, which asks to give 10 million IOTA Tokens to the Tangle Treasury to establish an IOTA Community Grant program. This is based on the outcome of the BUILD/BURN Community Vote that happened in mid-2022 (decision to give the unclaimed tokens to a DAO)
    • If these Polls reach the necessary support, the Phase 3 Governance votes (1 in the Shimmer network, 1 in the IOTA network) can begin on 12th October using the Governance functionality of the Firefly Wallets. We will define the exact phrasing of the Questions and create the texts for the necessary participation events in the next Governance meeting.
  • The Governance Framework will be updated to include IOTA. I will work on finalizing this, and Werner has offered to help.
  • We also talked shortly about the topic discussed in the General Governance category currently, with mixed opinions during the call. Generally, everyone welcomes further open discussions on that topic
  • I also tried to give further insights into the recently announced decision to create the new Ecosystem fund. I also explained more details about our IF internal measures to create a more open and transparent IOTA Foundation and how we plan to open up our processes and internal communications and align better with the community and ecosystem for the future of IOTA. I gave some insight into a newly formed group consisting of IF members, members of several Ecosystem projects, Moderators of different community channels/groups, and other highly engaged IOTA community members, in which we are already piloting a new and very open way of discussing topics, sharing knowledge and receiving feedback from the community to better our way of relaying this information then to the broader public and community through our communication. We are extremely happy with this collaboration’s results and will continue this group effort.

Next Governance meeting: 28/09/23, 4 pm CET in the IOTA Discord