Governance meeting #92 10/08/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #92 - 10/08/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

Topics Discussed::

  • @Deep_Sea had put a lot of effort in combining his and mine version of the revised Tangle Community Grant Committee specification.

    • We went through his whole document and spoke about many comments and different topics concerning the parts we want to change
    • further work will be put into this to come to an aligned and optimized proposal
    • potentially next week we may be able to publish a first draft to get more comments of the community in the doc
    • planning to bring this up as a proposal soonish
  • The Governance Framework will be updated to include IOTA, i will work on finalizing this

  • We will also create a "Committee member selection process specification based on what we already have here in the Committee selection process for the Shimmer Grant committee.

  • @Werner has some suggestions on how we can update and better the workflow and handling of proposals in the forum and about the rules on how we close and archive them. He will write it up so it can be included in the updated Governance Framework specification.

Next Governance meeting: 18/08/23 4pm CET in the IOTA Discord