Governance meeting #90 20/07/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #90 - 20/07/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

Topics Discussed:

  • @Deep_Sea had prepared a Document together with the members of the Shimmer Community Grant Committee to introduce their proposal on how to update the Shimmer Community Grant Committee Operation Specifications.
  • The Grant Committee has now worked for several months under the initial design framework and has identified some possible improvements that they think will be beneficial for their daily operations and the overall efficiency of the Grant Committee
  • We went through the document and discussed the ideas. We largely agreed on most ideas and found some interesting additional improvements that could be implemented like:
    • Instead of the committee solely deciding which RFP should be published, it could be beneficial for general community involvement to prepare a vote in the community and present 3 to 5 different options to them in which the committee thinks an RFP would be needed. A vote using Snapshot among Token holders on these topics would allow the community to stir the direction of these RFPs and influence it to their liking. This would be a good case to use Snapshot voting as it is an easy-to-implement way to query the communities interests. This could happen quarterly. We will need some more discussions.
    • The Treasury has already put some proposals on the Backlog/waiting list because, currently, there is not enough funding available. The idea came up in the Committee to let the community decide every six months which of those backlog proposals should be revisited again (depending on available funding, ofc). This may also be done via Snapshot voting.
  • We also spoke about the upcoming IOTA community Treasury. The “BUILD/BURN” Tokens will become available at some point when the IOTA EVM goes live. We aim to establish a governance vote so the IOTA Community can grant the existing Grant Committee a budget from this Token pot.


  • Please study the above linked Document and leave comments either directly in the Document or in the Governance Discussion Channel in Discord.

  • @Deep_Sea to add/update the doc based on the comments from the meeting and from the doc

  • @Phylo to draft a proposal on how to govern and allocate the IOTA Community Tokens under the Marshall Island DAO once they become available.

    • a first draft version can be viewed here
  • Next meeting: 27/07/23, 4 pm CEST in the Discord General Voice channel


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