Governance meeting #102 26/10/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #102 - 26/10/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

Topics Discussed::

  • Governance Proposal. The proposal has now reached quorum in both networks and huge positive majorities. Voting will end within the next 24 hours.

  • We have learned from these proposals and the voting situation and will analyze and find ways to improve, especially the communication and awareness part around Governance votes. But we should also discuss if the current quorum level (5% of the circulating supply) is useful and justified for the future.

  • The Beta testing Phase for the Shimmer EVM Treasury Governance System has already started. Testers are interacting with our Test DAO on the Sepolia ETH Testnet. We went through the whole system in Tally. People delegated their voting power and started to vote on proposals and create new ones. This testing phase will continue for several weeks. Next week, we hope Tally will have integrated the Shimmer EvM testnet, where we will conduct tests.

  • The Full integration of our Shimmer EVM will happen in January. Tally will first need to implement the feature to have an EVM chain with variable Block times that uses a clock module instead. This is what our (and other EVM chains use), so we will wait for this feature for the final implementation. This gives us enough time to test and also audit our solution properly.

  • Offers for Audits have come in from 2 reputable Auditors. This will be planned after we did extensive testing with the community on the Shimmer EVM Testnet

  • public Repository of the Governance smart contracts we built.

Next Governance meeting: 02/11/23, 4 pm CET in the IOTA Discord

Won’t the last Gov meetings being uploaded as well?

Hey Ben, we had to skip the last 3 weeks due to scheduling conflicts, will continue next week