Governance meeting #101 19/10/23

Meeting Notes Governance meeting #101 - 19/10/23 IOTA Discord General Voice channel

Topics Discussed::

  • Governance Proposal. The counting Phase began on October 19; therefore, the final result will be available on October 26. Everybody, please vote in IOTA and Shimmer!
  • The Governance Framework will be updated to include IOTA. I will work on finalizing this, and @Werner has offered to help.
  • The Development process for the Shimmer EVM Treasury Governance System to secure has already started. Please read my post where the concept is explained. We have deployed a version on the ETH Sepolia testnet which is already connected to the Tally Frontend, and we did some setup and test proposals.
  • It can be seen here.
  • We currently face one problem that Tally needs to fix - Tally does not understand that we use Timestamps instead of Block intervals to determine time. This causes faulty calculations of voting periods etc. Tally is working to implement this. They will also implement our newly deployed Testnet so that we no longer need to rely on ETH Testnets.
  • Offers for Audits have come in from 2 reputable Auditors. This will be planned after we did extensive testing with the community on the Shimmer EVM Testnet
  • public Repository
  • I showcased the functionality to Delegate Voting Power and created a proposal in Tally, which is a nice User Experience.
  • The next point discussed was the Setup of the Multisig Wallet, which will be the whitelisted account to input proposals in the system after they have successfully passed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our Governance process.
    Planed is likely to have 10 MultiSig Signers, of which the signature of 4 is enough to execute actions - this will usually be the four moderators, but we want to have a broad backup in case any moderator is unavailable. Suggestions were to have our @Governance_moderator group as signers (4 community members: @linus, @werner, @Deep_Sea, @overclocked) and the Community Treasury Grant Committee be signers. Also, it was suggested to have and myself being a signer.
    The Multisg Address will be exchangeable through a Governance vote by the community.

Next Governance meeting: 26/10/23, 4 pm CET in the IOTA Discord