[Discussion] Ecosystem news in the IOTA Discord


The goal is to enable IOTA/Shimmer/Assembly (ISA in short for this discussion) projects to reach the community on the IOTA Discord, lower fragmentation and enable the IOTA Discord to become a hub for project announcements and updates

This initiative aims also to be a boilerplate implementation for the ISA ecosystem to launch their own projects HUB Discord, project partner news or interconnect the fragmented communities.

:point_right: Being included in this initiative is NOT an endorsement by the IOTA Foundation :point_left:


The IOTA Discord is the main community communication channel.
ISA project’s communications are required to follow these criteria to be published to the IOTA Discord:

Exclusion criteria*

These criteria define if a project might be included, moderated or removed from this initiative.

*Criteria may vary with time

Soft Criteria

  • Promote content with poor quality
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical errors
  • Incorrect or insufficient tagging (for social media)
  • Superlatives

Hard Criteria

  • Unsubstantiated claims (e.g. partnership confirmation, open source code, audited code)
  • No content that mentions financial returns (or raises expectation of returns)
  • Promoting ICOs / Sales (crypto related or related to any speculation)
  • Airdrops
  • Value of a coin
  • Project staking rewards
  • no illegal, discriminatory, unethical , sexist or derogatory content (non-exclusive list: porn, gambling, drugs, violence, politics…)

Inclusion criteria

Plus points (this list will change with time)

  • Benefit society
  • Benefit the ISA technology
  • Benefit the ISA ecosystem


Feature updates

Project news



(PREVIEW, not executed yet)

Projects that manager their own Discord can set up a dedicated announcement channel.

Unlike a regular text channel, Announcement channels comes with a “Follow” button that allows server members to hook and connect the channel into their own personal servers. Now, selected messages in the Announcement channels can be “published” in other server member’s, friend’s, community’s, or dog’s servers as regular messages, allowing them to get the latest updates in the places they hang out most. Learn how to follow channels here!
Source: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032008192-Announcement-Channels-

IOTA Discord

Category Ecosystem with

What follows is a list of filtered projects in agreement with the criteria

  • generic “Promote your project” channel - open to everyone
  • generic “Ecosystem news” channel - open to everyone
  • Content Creators DAO
  • SoonLabs
  • TangleLabs
  • IOTAOrigins
  • The Fans Together



Stage 1

Up to 10 projects vetted to share their announcements

As other projects get in touch, more and more projects will be vetted and added to the category

Discord Content Moderation is in place with some keywords to block announcements, the list of words will be extended with time where necessary:

Stage 2

IOTA Discord members council starting with the following duties

  • accept project
  • remove project which is breaking the rules
  • moderate the announcements

Simplified project proposal cycle

  • Project announces interest in being added
  • Discussion within the council members and verification of eligibility of the project
  • Written agreement by the project to follow the rules
  • Public vote by the council for acceptance (Soonaverse space?)
  • Technical setup
  • 3 months of bootstrapping phase

Council setup

  • up to 7 members
  • voted in by the community on Discord (poll, condorcet voting)
  • review every 6 months of the participation and interest
  • community members involved in active projects are excluded

Spec members that might be interested:

  • Valore /Australis#2564
  • Technology#5785
  • Tylerw13#0012


The Discord server team where this initiative is launched has the last say upon the council’s decisions. This to make sure that the council and the projects follow the Exclusion Criterias and the Discord Guidelines.
The Discord server team can use a kill-switch like process where the channels are hidden from the members to verify misuse and abuse of this kind of initiative.

Alright, this is the discussion starter, let’s define this better together and start from here.

Edit: Added Authority section


The idea to give an additional promo outlet to projects that are building on ISA is great! As long as projects abide by the rules I’m 100% supporting it.

Love how you structured everything and it sounds like a good execution plan.


Looks like a win-win for the community; projects advertise while people can have information from one source. The seamless transparency will be valuable as sentiment slowly shifts towards DAO Treasury.

Some thoughts:

Inclusion criterias

  • the mentioned inclusion criterias should not be plus points but mandatory
  • dependent on the bar, there can be further criteria (e.g. use lessons learnt from assembly touchpoint)

Announcements & Updates

  • onboarding: mandatory first introduction news with recources (also for known projects like Soonaverse for stringency and consistency)
  • limited number of updates/day?
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Great idea Antonio!

For me at least, I spend most of my time getting information thru Discord already and this would accumulate most information I need within one server. I think the criteria for the announcements is a good start as well as a the vetting process.

My only suggestion would be to categorize the announcement channels by Category instead of by certain projects.

For example:

  • generic “Promote your project” channel - open to everyone
  • generic “Ecosystem news” channel - open to everyone
  • Exchanges
  • DeFi
  • Gaming
  • Content
  • Sports

And have multiple projects included in each category. I would even go as far as having 1 main channel that includes ALL announcement channels, that way there is one seamless channel to view all announcements.

I also would agree with Dinodrills comments on the Inclusion criteria / Announcements & Updates especially with there being a limited amount of announcements/updates per day, and should be of some substantial content as I’ve seen many announcements, not necessarily related to IOTA projects, that provide no real value and are superfluous.

I believe the announcements should be of high quality within the provided criteria, and also be more specific instead of broad type of announcement, especially if these channels are to be hosted on the official IF Discord server. That way only the important and bigger announcements get filtered thru into these channels.

Anyway that’s my 2 cents but would LOVE to see channels like these in the server.

Just saw this on Shimmers Ecosystem page and it’s a great example Shimmer Network - Ecosystem

Great suggestions so far!

The next steps I would see are:

  • define the council governance (processes to add, remove council members, basic responsibilities)
  • find additional candidates