ThomasQv Grant Reviewer Application

1.) Preferred Display Name and Age (If you do not want to enter your age, enter that you are above 21 years of age, which is the minimum)

ThomasQv: Enter your preferred name (as it will be shown to voters)

28: Enter your age or state that you are above 18 years of age.

Social Mediia handles

Twitter: ThomasQvOG - (

Discourse: @ThomasQv
Discord: ThomasQv

2.) What motivates you to apply for this position?

Taking part in the growth of the ecosystem I have been following closely since 2017.

3.) What is your educational and professional background?

Maritime officer school, management and leadership

Web3/ Crypto background

  • Host of The Moonaco Podcast
  • Active community member

Professional Background

  • Captain/Master license, offshore work

4.) What experience do you have relevant to this position (grant reviewer, Project manager, etc.)? Please describe

Beeing the host of The Moonaco Podcast, I am in contact with a huge part of the IOTA/Shimmer ecosystem. I get to talk to most of them and interact with the community on a daily basis.

5.) Are you a software developer? If yes, please provide info on your skills and proof of the projects you already have built/worked on (Github, languages, certificates, etc.)


6.) Do you have affiliations that may cause a conflict of interest when reviewing applications? The community would like to know particularly if reviewers are involved with projects as a creator, on the board, or employed. Please list any projects or applications you have affiliations to.

*Note: This will in no way prevent you from being elected to the position. It is the opposite. We seek experienced reviewers that are specialists in different industries. The reviewers with affiliations will not be able to review grants within their category; however, they will be great resources and act as subject matter experts.

I am the Host of The Moonaco Podcast, this means I have a good one on one relationships to many of the building teams. But that will not have an effect on the decisions made for a grant as they still have to fulfill the requirements.

7.) Are you willing to sign a legally binding service provider contract and reveal and verify your identity through a KYC process with the legal entity of the Treasury Committee?

Note: KYC is required for this position. If you are unwilling to KYC and sign a service provider contract, you will not be accepted to the Shimmer Community Treasury.

Yes - I am willing to KYC and sign a service provider contract with the Shimmer Community Treasury

8.) Can you commit 10 hours weekly on average to work as a grant reviewer for the Shimmer community over the next 12 months?

Yes, due to working Offshore, i am working for 2 weeks, and at home for 4 weeks. This means 8 out of 12 months, i am completely free, and while beeing offshore, i am still very available both on and off shift.

9.) If you are voted in the top 2 reviewers, you may have the option to join the Growth Committee and work with the TEA representatives. In this case, you may be required to work hours over the required 10 hrs per week. Are you able to commit to this if required?

Yes, I believe this could be an option

10.) Are you willing to sign a service provider contract, including an NDA with the Tangle Ecosystem Association, and respect the Non-Disclosure Agreement if selected as a member of the Growth Committee? Breaking the Non-Disclosure Agreement may bring consequences financially and or legally.

Yes - I am willing to sign a service provider contract and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). I absolutely will respect all binding effects within such agreement contracts.

11.) Provide any web links or supporting documentation you would like the community to see when assessing you for the Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Reviewer position.

12.) What is your long-term vision of the Shimmer Community Treasury? How do you see the Community Treasury affecting the Shimmer & IOTA ecosystem, and what does the Shimmer & IOTA Ecosystem look to you in three years?

We see such Grant Programs has been a major success in other ecosystems. I believe this Treasury is one of the key building blocks to push this ecosystem to a whole new level where we can attract more builders and pioneers. Hopefully in the future this Treasury have helped enough Projects to become self sustained that the ecosystem grows by it self.

Do you support my application as Grant Reviewer?
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I have one question:
To make it easier for the community to understand what potential conflicts of interest a reviewer may have, and as not everyone may be familiar with the platform you have stated here, could you shortly describe what The Moonaco Podcast is and in which sector it operates or plans to operate in the future?

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Off course.
The Moonaco Podcast is a place where the community can turn to for trusted and well explained information about each project building in the IOTA/SMR ecosystem.
That way we all dont have to read 10 medium posts, follow the right people on twitter at all times or be in 30 discord channels just to stay up to date on whats going on in the ecosystem.
As of now, it is available on Spotify, and Apple Podcast. Which means it should be available to everyone at this point.
A target has also been to start interviewing people from outside the ecosystem, in order to grow the Podcast and get more people aware of the iota/smr space.
This has been a great success so far and I am very much looking forward to continue growing the Podcast, and keep the community informed.

Conflict of interest? Well, i speak closely with the entire community, every day. I have projects sponsoring the Podcast with a few $ here and there because they wish to help out.
This will in no way give any advantages to them if they were to apply for a grant.
The entire community is very close which means we all have conflicts of interest potensial situation. But thays why it is important we select the right people, to make the Grants become a huge success as we have seen in other ecosystems.

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I asked our Grant reviewer candidates if they would agree to take part in this challenge on 19 November with this message sent out to everyone:

Hey, I want to challenge all potential Committee members with a little task.

I want to present you with a grant application and give you one week to come up with an opinion about this application based on the information provided to you. Please put anything that comes to your mind in your response to this message, and if possible, come up with an initial opinion if you would support funding this Proposal.

You may want to use the evaluation matrix developed for the Treasury committee: Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Committee - Version 2

The Proposal is a copy of an original proposal submitted to another Ecosystem Grant program.

I have chosen two types of applications, one that is a bit more developer oriented for the reviewers with experience in software projects and one that is more community/event focussed for the others.

Every Proposal is presented in 3 different versions. I have changed some parameters in every version, so your competitors may be presented with the same Proposal with some small but important changes to the original version.

I hope you agree to this little challenge. It may be interesting for the community to see how different candidates approach this task and to which conclusions they come regarding the grant proposal.

I will DM every candidate with the same text you got here and send them their challenge privately. I hope we can keep this private until the challenge is finished in one week.

Next Sunday, at 11 am CET, I will post the information about the challenge in reply to your application post and will include the response you sent me via DM in this post.

This will, in my opinion, be the fairest process to give everyone the same conditions without revealing a challenge that a competitor has to solve or making answers public that others could consider in their own approach to the problem. So everything will stay with me, and I am the only one who knows who gets which challenge and who replies what until the reveal.

I try to make sure that applicants who are part of the same project do not get the same grant challenge, so they cannot support each other.

Please reply within 24 hours if you agree to this challenge, and I will send you the Proposal.

Thanks again for offering your skills to the community. I hope you find this a fair approach to give the community some better insights.

This is the publication of @ThomasQv ‘s participation in the Grant reviewers’ Test challenge. More details about the challenge can be found in this post

ThomasQv Grant Review

Proposal: Shimmer - Hackathon Proposal 1(Unchanged Version 90.000 USD)

EasyA x Shimmer Hackaton

After reading up on what a hackathon can cost as well as considering we are in a high inflation period where everything is rising in price both as food, travel and other needed accessories, 90 000$ sounds to me lie a reasonable price for a 200 people/ 25 project Hackaton focused on building on Shimmer, with god prizes to give incentive to build on SMR.

A 90 000$ grant would fall under Low Tier 25 000- 100 000$ which means the entire committee needs to approve the amount, the entire EasyX team needs to do KYC and two grant reviewers along with Grant Lead will do a live interview with EasyX, where we set up 3 milestones for the payment of the grant.

From my point of view as Hackatons is an important phase for adoption and awareness of Shimmer, I have given Easy X Hackaton a score of 17 (4,3,3,4,3) which is enough for this Tier as you would need 15-20 points.

Disclaimer. Being the first grant I have participated I would spend time with the other grant reviewers to discuss each points and see if we agreed that this would be a fitting score. I would also bring up the topic of what the other reviewers thinks of wanting EasyX team to gain other sponsors as well, in order to grow the hackathon or secure themselves for a second event at a later date. this way it would spread out the costs for our Treasury, gain more awareness and grow the hackathons reach.